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Are you Tax Smart?

Income taxes can play a large role in your overall wealth management strategy and planning for retirement

With respect to building and distributing wealth, planning out a tax-smart strategy can help you keep much more of what you have worked hard to earn. We offer a friendly approach while providing expert advice at a reasonable cost. Contact us to learn more about the powerful advantages of combining your CPA tax and wealth management strategies into one cohesive plan.

The Power of Tax-Smart Wealth Management

We believe that when your experienced wealth management professional is also a CPA tax-expert, powerful planning advantages can occur for you

Our Process

Helping business owners develop and implement tax-smart wealth management strategies.

Our History

Helping clients understand the asset accumulation phase vs the asset distribution phase of life.

Our Values

Providing tax-smart investments for after-tax accounts.

Our Process

Helping clients develop effective asset allocation strategies.

Our History

Guiding clients on how to effectively distribute funds during retirement in a tax-smart way.

Our Values

Guiding clients on tax-smart strategies for legacy planning.

8 Timeless Principles of Investing

Financial planning doesn't have to be overwhelming. Download this guide to get some bite-sized pieces of timeless financial advice.

Our Services
Focused on You

Rather than focusing on product sales or commission-based portfolios, we focus on your goals and aspirations. Our services span from investment management to financial planning, but one thing stays the same: we are focused on you.

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Take control and learn about where your money can go today

Take that first step to personal investing with our library of resources

01. About Us

We are dedicated to providing investment management and strategic wealth planning that is right for you. Simply put, we strive to be our client’s trusted advisor.

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02. Our Philosophy

You’re working hard for your future, but are you getting the most from your efforts? 

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03. Our Process

Our process starts with the expert tax focus of our firm Strategic CPA Accounting & Tax Solutions.

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Designed for You
A New Approach to Planning

Planning for only one life event would be like having only one puzzle piece and expecting the entire picture to come together. We utilize a comprehensive approach to help you design your masterpiece.

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