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Partnering with a CPA

Strategic CPA Investment & Wealth Management advisors are affiliated with Avantax Wealth Management. Avantax Wealth Management believes that CPA firms are the most qualified providers of complex, sophisticated wealth management solutions in America.

If tax planning is not at the core of a financial plan, the plan may fail to deliver optimal benefits to you. As one of the most trusted professions in America, CPAs are uniquely qualified to provide this essential foundation.

Avantax Wealth Management partners directly with high-quality CPA firms who are committed to excellence in providing holistic wealth management advice and services to their clients. Avantax affiliated advisors:

Distinguish themselves in the industry through their ongoing commitment to expanding their knowledge to better serve their clients

Deliver the highest level of integrity to complement the traditional services and high practice standards of CPAs

Craft client investment portfolios independently and objectively

Offer a passionate approach to comprehensive financial planning

Serve their clients as business owners and professionals with strong track records of success

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